Andorra Alladin Pantomime first rehearsal-28 September 2019

Place: La Massana Impuls e-moció Center. Hour: 10:30am

Alladin rehearsal in La Massana, Andorra.
Alladin pantomime- first rehearsal.

Fantastic initiative in Andorra

Check out this great initiative! That looks like a lot of fun, great opportunity to meet new friends, international and local people. Everyone will have fun no matter age and role.

As mentioned:

To be performed in English on Sunday 8th December. 12 noon Teatre de Les Fontetes, La Massana.

How exciting cultural even in La Massana, Andorra!

Come to the first rehearsal and find fun role for yourself:

  • Play a part
  • Help to make costumes
  • Help to make the scenary
  • Join in with music making
  • Join in with music playing
  • Join in with singing

Contact information

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